"We have had the great pleasure to work with Dr. Furman at Paracelsus on ENDECE’s lead oncolytic candidate, NDC-1308, and now consider her to be our “go to” person for toxicology..."
Dr. James Yarger, CEO

Veterinary Pathology

Gerald J. Kolaja, DVM, PhD, DACVP
President, Balboa BioConsulting

Dr. Kolaja is the President of Balboa BioConsulting LLC that provides pathology and safety assessment expertise to biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Kolaja graduated from Michigan State University in 1967; he then served in the US Army for 9 years, which included a one-year assignment in Vietnam.  During this time, he earned a PhD from the University of Maryland medical school and became a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathology.  During his military career, Dr. Kolaja was responsible for the pathology-training program at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland.  Dr. Kolaja joined the Upjohn Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1979 as a pathologist/study director.  During his career at the Upjohn Company, Dr. Kolaja was responsible for bringing compounds from discovery to development in addition to providing histopathology support for toxicology studies.  After a 2- year assignment in England to establish a toxicology program for Upjohn, Dr. Kolaja became Vice President of toxicology of the US site for Pharmacia and Upjohn.  In 2000, Dr. Kolaja moved to Seattle to join Immunex where he was initially assigned to Clinical Development and later moved to Research.  He then became the Director of Research and Development Pathology.  Dr. Kolaja moved to Thousand Oaks, California when Amgen bought Immunex in 2002.  He became a Distinguished Fellow in Metabolic Disease Research and later a Scientific Executive Director in that organization.  Dr. Kolaja left Amgen is 2007 and established Balboa BioConsulting in 2008.

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